To The Editor:

I recently attended one of the fine veterans programs at an area school. At the end of the program, the students and attendees all sang “God Bless America.” A vet turned to me and said, “There will come a time when we will no longer be allowed to sing this here.”

There are hatemongers and their lawyers out there trying to drive a stake through the heart and soul of America. They ridicule our religions and our faith. They are ripping our traditions, values and morals out of our schools, communities and country. They want to warp, distort and change our culture into something cold and hollow.

It is past time for our leadership to stand with the American people and our values. Let me paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, “without the assistance of the Divine Being, we cannot succeed, with that assistance, we cannot fail.”

We need to stand up to these attacks on America or sing “God Bless America” before it is banned.

Jack Laubinger