To The Editor:

The AP has reported that a highly influential business round table, including America’s top CEOs, has decided that people who physically labor in hazardous and repetitiously strenuous jobs should work until they’re 70. These college-educated, white-collar workers don’t have the slightest clue as to what it’s like for a 50-year-old mechanic, construction or service worker who’s just been told by someone without blisters or even dirt under their fingernails that they need to hang on a couple more years or most likely struggle with low-paying, part-time work while waiting for the extra years that are mainly available for wealthier white collars who will live longer because of privilege.

These CEOs take much more from America than they ever give; unlike people in the working class who give a pound of flesh or more in our military and everyday working life.

It’s my duty to inform the working people in my community of the injustice being brought to them by CEOs and politicians. It’s amazing to me how so few working people realize that we have a payroll tax cap at $106,000 of income. Most workers I know get angry when they find every dime they ever earned was taxed, compared to the wealthier who pay a capped minimum on their insurance coverage.

Private insurers wouldn’t get away with this kind of scam.

When I was a soldier in our military, my wife and I were sacrificing meals on my $280 a month salary, I was contributing a much-needed portion of my inadequate pay toward the payroll tax.

This is only one small example and it’s pretty obvious that these CEOs are the truly entitled.

Lawrence M. LaChance