To The Editor:

Education of children via “Common Core” needs to be halted in Missouri.

The Missouri Constitution requires the State School Board to obtain legislative approval to change the state’s curriculum. This approval was not obtained prior to or after signing on to the Common Core State Standards.

Gov. Nixon signed on in 2009 in order to get “stimulus” monies. Not one writer of Common Core has ever taught.

The Common Core standards are not tested. Common Core is an unfunded mandate. The SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assestment Consortium) is collecting “data” on children’s perceptions, attitudes, goals, emotions and beliefs.

Common Core is the brainchild of the Gates Foundation. Bill Gates Sr. was head of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion clinic. The Gates Foundation gives monies to teacher organizations, to the Pearson Foundation — which produces the textbooks, the Catholic Cardinal Newman Society and others.

One textbook says, “The Berlin Wall was torn down by Machill Gorbachev!” Dr. Gary T. Thompson of the Utah-based Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center said, “Common Core is cognitive child abuse.” Russia has abandoned the program.

Those who oppose Common Core include: American Association of Christian Schools, American Principles Project, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, The National Federation of Republican Women, gubernatorial opposition comes from Sarah Palin, Robert Bentley, Rick Perry and Niki Haley.

Common Core is an illegal overreach by the U.S. Department of Education into our local education. These standards are untested, unproven and unsupported, both academically and fiscally.

Common Core makes “No Child Left Behind” look like a cake walk.