To The Editor:

Will Missouri be dead last?

The federal government has given the “green light” for states to legalize marijuana. Missouri has one of the best growing areas in the country for pot. Will we be dead last?

Last to let our farmers profit? Last to stop destroying families by imprisoning those innocent elsewhere?

Last to gain tax income from what is now a huge black market? Last to recognize marijuana cures 50 percent of lung cancer cases?

It’s way past time to wake up and smell the smoke, or vaporize, better yet. In 2010 the Veterans Administration gave permission for vets to use medical marijuana. Will you be willing to have a vet arrested for this? If not a vet, then should anyone else be?

Get real. Stop being stupid or lose property value, citizens, workers, taxes, freedom, families and your dignity.

Change Missouri’s “worst in the nation” marijuana laws now.

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per author’s request.