To The Editor:

Now Brian Nieves (senator) wants to “give away” an assault rifle, specifically an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. Really? I mean really?

Assault rifles were made for the Armed Forces to be used in warfare. So everyone in society should have one? Really?

Does our society really need another gun? Have there not been enough senseless deaths?

If the individual Nieves “gives away” the semiautomatic rifle to kills another individual, will Nieves be held responsible? (Just as a bartender serving a drink to an individual who then is involved in an accident with a fatality would be held responsible?)

Nieves claims his “giveaway gun” is not an assault rifle. Really?

What does the AR in AR-15 represent? His gun has a clip size of only 30 rounds — only — really?

What wildlife do you hunt in the Midwest that needs 30 rounds to bring down to its death? Deer, turkey, rabbit, squirrel? Really?

Nieves claims to be “pro-life” yet here he is ready to give away a weapon that is meant only to take away life. Really!


Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.