To The Editor:

Just an observation.

Everyone seems thrilled that they (people in charge)are finally going to have a new bridge constructed across the river. The major topic seems to be what the bridge is going to look like.

Let’s stop and think about it.

We are replacing a two-lane bridge built back in the thirties with another 2 lane bridge with a bike trail.

Anyone with a little foresite knows that Hwy. 47 should be updated to a 4 lane road from Washington to St. Clair. It’s at least 10 years past due, probably more. The same goes for Hwy. 47 going north to Warrenton.

I think this has been or was discussed before. If it takes another, say five years to get this done Hwy 47 — four lanes. The bridge we are now going to build when completed in two or three years or longer will already be outdated.

My opinion, I think they need to build a bridge to accommodate four lanes of traffic which can be used in the future.

The federal Government can spend billions and billions of tax dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. and gives billions to people who are not citizens of the United States should be able to help build a proper size bridge for the people in this country.

It’s time we wake up America, before it’s to late.

My opinion.