To The Editor:

Yeah we get it Mr Browning. Everything bad that happens in this world is always America’s fault.

Even mass murders that occur on our own soil perpetrated by muslim terrorists. We get the picture.

If America is so evil then why is it that every time there is a catastrophe anywhere in this world, whether a violent act of nature, famines, disease, a country in need of financial aid or military support, the very first country they all turn to is the good old United States of America?

Why is it that this country has more immigrants trying to get into this great country than there are Americans trying to get out?

Why is it that when a child or adult from anywhere in this world has a serious medical condition they always look to America for help?

This country is truly blessed by God and populated by the most generous people in this world.

We also come to the aid of our allies, including Israel, which they would do the same for us.

Our enemies don’t hate America because it’s evil but because it’s good, because we have individual freedom and liberty and because the government is controlled by we the people instead of our every breath being controlled by some lawless, godless, dictatorial madman in the White House.

Well... that’s the way it used to be anyway...