To The Editor:

After reading Gene Biermann’s error-filled letter to the editor from March 29-30, I consulted the Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan and nonprofit investigative journalism organization, which has received numerous awards for its reporting.

Already two years before any ObamaCare legislation was written and three years before it was signed into law in March 2010, pharmaceutical and health insurance companies started to plan their attacks on any health care reform in order to avoid any negative effects on their profits.

In the spring of 2007 Frank Luntz, a political consultant, suggested to Republican leaders that they should characterize anything the Democrats proposed regarding health care reform as a “government takeover.”

These companies created a front group, which they named Health Care Leadership, thereby creating the impression that this organization is helpful to anyone consulting it. This organization’s task was to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt about ObamaCare in the minds of politicians and ordinary citizens. Their strategy was quite successful. Gene Biermann was just one among many Americans who expressed his fear and doubt in his letter to the editor with many unsubstantiated facts.

The billionaire Koch Brothers are scaring Americans right now about ObamaCare with a new ad in which a paid actress spreads false information. Consult the respected Kaiser Family Foundation ( for the most accurate information available.

Americans are bombarded with scare tactics by wealthy special interest groups, which benefit financially from the old health care system, thereby causing ordinary people to become afraid of changes that would actually benefit them.