To The Editor:

Why to vote no on Prop R.

At the Lake of the Ozarks any boat over 23 feet in length, there is no sales tax on these boats. Some of these boats are valued over a million dollars. The missed sales tax has to be quite substantial due to the large number of boats moored there.

When Bob Holden was governor he tried to close this loophole and use the money for the Medicaid program in Missouri that was running out of money. The Republicans refused to close this loophole, including former state Sen. John Griesheimer. His excuse was it would cause the loss of jobs.

All the fuel used in these boats is off-road fuel which means there is no road tax paid. A person told me his boat would use more than a 100 gallons of fuel an hour at full throttle.

Chris Nagus, a reporter for KMOV TV, did a report on this titled, “Is This Why We Are Broke?” His email is

Missouri voters recently voted down an increase to raise the tax on cigarettes. A part of this tax was to go to education. Now property owners are being asked to vote on an increase in their property taxes when the Republicans refuse to close the tax loopholes at Lake of the Ozarks or support a tax on cigarettes.

Before the Republicans became the majority in Missouri, their theme was, “There is plenty of tax money being collected in Missouri, we just need someone (Republicans) to manage it.”

With a statement like that, I suggest the Washington School Board get John Griesheimer and take a trip to Jefferson City and ask the Republicans to help you better manage our money.