To The Editor:

I am not much good at writing letters; in fact, this is the first I’ve ever written.

However, I feel the need to write this to let you know how much I feel Washington needs a dog park that is up to the standards that I’ve noticed in this city. I used to live in Union and know that municipality has a dog park for dogs only and it isn’t shared by any sports organizations, therefore being a “part-time” dog park such as what we in Washington currently have at Burger Park.

I have been a member of the Washington community for four years and have no other place to run like the wind, which I love to do, except Burger Park. Since there isn’t any shade or accessible water source, my mom makes me get up really, really early for our daily exercise when the weather is so hot and I know that if we had some shade and those silly things people want to sit on instead of enjoying the lovely grass and dirt like they should, she would let me join my friends for afternoon and evening play as well.

All I ask is that you “paws” for thought regarding this issue and please consider a “bone”fide place for me and all the four-legged canines of Washington to have a permanent place to call ours.

Thank you for your time.