To The Editor:

I’ve read the several letters that have been published in The Missourian about the closure of the Bend Bridge in Franklin County.

I am confused about the failure to repair this structure when so many individuals utilize this bridge on a daily basis to get to work.

Now we must drive 15 minutes out of our way on a road that has three major hills and many dangerous curves. While driving this dangerous out-of-the way road, I have crossed a new bridge on Wild Plum Valley Road that has been constructed during the recent past.

This bridge was replaced and does not affect how the homes there get to Highway O. Since Bend Bridge has needed either to be repaired or replaced for over 30 years, why has money been spent on this bridge, when it could have been used to repair a bridge that so many use on a daily basis?

There are many instances in Franklin County where money has been spent for roads and bridges that could have waited until the Bend Bridge was repaired or replaced.

I feel like the individuals who use the Bend Bridge are being used as pawns, so money that should have been used long ago on the repair of this bridge will now come our way.

The bridge needs to be repaired until our politicians decide to replace the bridge. Why should we be punished because monies were spent elsewhere in Franklin County.