To The Editor:

I’m writing in response to the article titled “Politicians Shouldn’t Fight Abortion.”

This case was a sham from the beginning. In her own words, the McCorvey woman (Jane Roe) later admitted that she was not raped but hoped that would help her get a legal abortion. She later regretted her decision, was converted to Christ and wrote a book called “Won by Love.”

This case put the monstrous law into motion and today in the 40th year of Roe v. Wade; 50-plus million babies have been killed. For this to be called a woman’s right as to what she does with her body is also a sham. The baby is not her body, it just lives there for a while as God planned, to be nurtured and protected.

To say it’s legal now to kill a child is not written in stone. Some of the Nazi monsters who starved, tortured and killed millions of Jews because it was legal, were later brought to justice or spent their lives in hiding.

A recent letter from the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) said Planned Parenthood is responsible for the death of a baby every 95 seconds and that they receive nearly $500 million in federal funds annually. The ACLJ said 173 of their 922 clinics have been closed. Let’s pray and work that we close them all.