To The Editor:

What a sad and embarrassing day for the state of Missouri when Rep. Steve Tilley and his followers voted Rush Limbaugh in the Missouri Hall of Fame.

When the guests to the ceremony were “by invitation only” and the television and news media were informed 20 minutes in advance, (knowing full well the media from St. Louis and Kansas City would not arrive in time to witness said ceremony) the alarms should have been going off in Rep. Tilley’s and his followers’ heads.

The only time one needs to be so secretive is perhaps planning a surprise birthday party. Ceremonies to conduct honorable individuals into the Hall of Fame have always been open to the public and news media.

In a time when our society and schools are struggling to stop bullying, we have representatives honoring a bully.

Case in point, Mr. Limbaugh has accused Hillary Clinton of having a “testicle lock box” whatever that means, and makes fun of underprivileged children as “wanton little waifs and serfs dependent on the state.”

Or when he said, “Did you know there’s a White House dog?” He then showed a picture of Chelsea Clinton who was 13 years old at the time.

This kind of derision and name calling is heard every day on his show. Name calling and defamation of character is a form of bullying; therefore, Mr. Limbaugh is a bully. Mr. Limbaugh could not even graciously accept the honor of becoming part of the Hall of Fame. Instead, he had to name call once again calling the other side of the political aisle “deranged.”

Yes, name calling is bullying. The citizens of Missouri have a bully in the Hall of Fame at the state Capitol. How sad and embarrassing for the citizens of Missouri.

Now, extra security and cameras are being put on the bust of Mr. Limbaugh for fear that it may be defaced. (How ironic, security was not stepped up when rifle cross hairs were placed on the doors of congressmen/women, but security was increased for an inanimate object.)

Alarms should be going off in Rep. Tilley’s and his colleagues’ heads, but I doubt it.

As the late Molly Ivins said, “Instead of picking on someone his own size, Rush consistently targets dead people, little girls and the homeless — none of whom can fight back.”

Rep. Tilley and his colleagues are backing him up.

In response to Mr. Smith’s letter of May 23, I disagree that the bust of Mr. Limbaugh should be put outside on the lawn for a comfortable place for the pigeons to roost — even that is too great an honor.