To The Editor:

This letter touches on a few subjects that I have been struggling to comprehend on how our government works.

The first one deals with the coal ash that Ameren wants to build a landfill for in Labadie. Why would our county officials be pushing for this landfill if any of the citizens (voters) of the county don’t want it? What are the benefits our county officials get if Ameren is allowed to dump this waste here? Perhaps the county officials should have told Ameren they have to put up X amount of money and pay for the new bridge in Washington. Perhaps the citizens should allow the landfill if Ameren pays the citizens of Labadie and Franklin County a certain amount of money per year to be able to dump this waste here?

Why is it that our county officials find it necessary to argue with the supervisors of certain departments over which computer program or software will work best in their department? The department head has been doing that work for a lot longer than our elected official has been in his position, and I think she would know what is best for her department. I doubt she had gone into that decision without doing research.

The discussion that has the employees of the county up in arms over wages from one department to the other is also ridiculous! Why would each department in our county be under a different pay scale? Now I am not talking about the difference in pay between sheriff’s deputies and county collector’s offices, I am talking about different pay scales being used in county collector’s office versus the recorder of deeds office. These employees perform very similar jobs on a day-to-day basis and one department gets paid better than the other? I just don’t get it. If I am mistaken please let me know!

Why has the long overdue bridge in Washington taken so long to come to a realization! Why haven’t the powers that be say, let’s make this bridge a toll bridge instead of taxing everyone. People who use the bridge multiple times a day pay a certain amount for a monthly or yearly pass while people who use the bridge once in a while pay a higher rate whenever they cross the river. Has the bridge committee considered building the bridge so that it could easily be turned into a four-lane bridge in the next 20 to 50 years if the need is there?

The next subject is Washington’s new flower beds in the middle of Highway 100. Couldn’t we have used that money better! The same thing holds true for the ridiculous new corner sidewalks that Union built in the uptown area. I don’t know exactly how Washington paid for their corner sidewalks years ago, if it was city, state or federal money, but I do know that most people who drive downtown don’t like them very much. (I am specifically talking about the ones in which create a traffic hazard while negotiating them!)

Personally, after having grown up in Union and now living in Washington, I think these two cities are the best two cities in the world! Mayor Lucy, and Mayor Livengood are doing a great job and most of the time the two cities do have the best interests for their citizens at heart!