To The Editor:

Today my husband took me to St. Louis for a number of errands. We visited the airport. As I waited to avoid going through Security, I was at the USO chess game area. On my left there was a female Army soldier on the ground under the chair snoring away. Her hair in a bun, and in her fatigues. I could hardly believe it. I heard yesterday was a nightmare at the airport for traveling service personnel, but one must see it first hand to believe: that’s what goes down! OMG! As a mother, I am stunned! I let her sleep and thought OMG, it could be mine! The hardships are real allright.

However, my husband took me to Bellevue, Ill. to see the “Way of the Lights” at The Lady of Snow. Very elegant display of the true religious meaning of Christmas. We must take our grandkids for a view of The Three Kings Lights of the Holy Land and The Journey of the True Meaning of Christmas. Right now the two-hour drive would be too much for them. Howeve, it’s a wonderful experience.

I have always wanted to go to Tony’s on Market St. since Bill Clinton came to St. Louis years ago. Finally, the time came. Due to traffic and changes on the bridges, we ended up downtown for dinner time. Wow. I thought I was in New York.!

I had a great day. We checked out the Missouri Botanical Gardens at Christmas and then traveled to Bellevue, Ill., and then hit “Tony’s.” What a Christmas surprise for me. I guess I ended up having a great Christmas after all. And it’s not even started. I think “Don’t plan anything, just let it roll. That is best.”

Merry Christmas my friend.