To The Editor:

Ref: Article in Post-Dispatch about “Tone Deaf” of NRA leaders.

Begging your pardon, but actually millions of people in this USA love their NRA rifle association and would not change their viewpoint on gun control, neither would they change our Constitution for political gain.

Do you believe there was no gain in freedom from tyranny when we won all the early western wars with guns? I hope not.

We realize millions do not especially love freedom today or even speak of it. While we lost a huge number of soldiers in World War I and World War II, etc., is this all for nothing? I, too, was a warrior in World War II, and I loved my country! Today it has changed, and we are going downhill and off the “fiscal cliff,” whatever that is.

Now! How would you feel if a drug addict or criminal entered your house at night and you had no way to protect your family? He does your family great harm and forgets to thank you when he leaves. There seems to be something wrong here.

The proper scenario should be:

Posted and trained legal protectors at all schools who know how to shoot at a known invader. Perhaps, iron bars could be placed at first-story window and doors to help.

They certainly do so at government buildings with no thought of helping the schools protect the children!

Let’s wake up!

Paul D. Tinnin

Senior Pilot Naval

Aviator World War II

Gray Summit