To The Editor:

I wanted to thank Chuck Watson for his reply to my letter to the editor about the pedestrian trail for the proposed MO-47 Missouri River bridge.

My comment pertained only to the trail being on the wrong side for fishing purposes.

As to “Who Is Going to Fish From the Bridge?” I can’t answer about the MO-47 bridge, but in other parts of America, it is not a “novel idea” to “boatless fish” or “bridge fish.”

For example, here’s a tip that I have just learned from

“The most important thing about fishing live bait from bridges is that you must make your bait look as natural as possible! Small baitfishes rarely swim against a high current, or remain suspended 15 feet off the bottom in high current. Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a strike, it simply means that your chances drop drastically. Remember that predator fish will feed into the current!”

In short, after reading that tip, I want to thank Mr. Watson for reminding me that I’m not the greatest fisherman in the world; I suspected as much, mentioning so in my original letter.

Fishing aside, I agree with him that the pedestrian trail should remain on the west side of the bridge and expect that the view will be better.

Too bad we can’t have trails on both sides of the bridge.

Let’s hope the bridge becomes something that we can all appreciate.