To The Editor:

The principle of love is why God created man and woman.

Judging the lives of men and women created by the Creator is not in our human power. What women do, what men do with the gift of life is not our place to judge. Man cannot change the plan of the Creator which was to join man and woman to multiply and fill the earth. God created in all of nature male and female such as birds, animals, plants and fish of the seas. The natural law is the way the Creator continues different life cycles.

Man alone has the right to choose given a free will to choose for good or evil in all things. All are born to this life to make good choices, and no one is without faults as we are all sinners to the end of our lives. Then will judgment come as to how we used our “free will.” God will be the only judge as to how men and women followed His plan in our creation.

What if there were no male or female? What would the answer be? The Creator wished to share what He had created with the human race male and female. A world full of love and beauty. What one does with one’s body sexually is a decision of each person to make, “free will.” To help each of us how to use our “free will” for the good, He added to the natural law and gave us the Ten Commandments. It is each person’s choice to choose right or wrong, heaven or hell.

Are you greater than your Creator? Who made you? Your choice is to be with God or to choose a path that departs from God forever.