To The Editor:

Nieves versus 777X

What do you do when your ego desperately needs a soaking in the soothing bath of printers ink?

One of the oldest political gambits is to take an absurd position on an important legislative issue being currently covered in detail by the news media. You simply vote against it. (Boeing 777X package.)

Since the issue has overwhelming bipartisan support your negative vote will definitely stand out, but will not affect the positive outcome of the total vote. This guarantees inquiry by the leading local paper, which you ignore for the time being. After all the editor is not one of your favorite people.

He continues to be a constant irritation being so critical of practically every position you take. So why give him more rounds of ammunition to use against you? (Maybe he won your AK47 raffle.)

Re-election is coming, popularity is slipping, and name recognition is slipping. The ego needs front page headlines! And bingo, the negative vote on the Boeing 777X package gets it! (Weekend Missourian 12/7-8.)

Aaah, the ego says this really feels good, but now what to do? Well, let’s see if we can milk this for a little more of that soothing printers ink. Let’s go to our file box of well-used political clichés, such as: “making great strides,” “keeping a close eye,” “our backs are against the wall,” “I’m fighting for you and all Missourians,” and find one that will really work well and reply to the local paper inquiry.

One that always provides the balm of great wisdom to the public eye is: “This action may be unconstitutional.” However, in making such a declaration, never be specific as to exactly what is unconstitutional, just stick with generalities and plant the seed of doubt as a means to justify your negative vote. That done, try to deflect away from this legislative issue by hitting on a national issue such as Obamacare, immigration, or sequestering, then sit back and see what happens. And bingo, another front page headline even with a picture! (Missourian 12/11.)

Ego is so happy, absolutely nothing beats the soothing bath of printers ink!