To The Editor:

Well, here we go again.

This SHS (secondhand smoke) business just won’t go away.

But the thing that really bugs me about it is the fact that it’s a nonissue. I’ll use myself and my family as an example.

My dad smoked, Mom didn’t. So Mom and us five kids were all exposed to SHS, us kids from the day we were born. All of us kids grew up, married, and had families of our own. At one point we were all smokers. We all had kids and all those kids were born into homes where both parents smoked.

In that whole group of people, and I’m talking several generations, not one person has, or has ever had, any sort of smoking-related health issues.

I have on my hard drive a lengthy, very detailed study on the subject of SHS and this guy shoots holes in all the myths and scare tactics surrounding the subject of SHS. He wraps it up by offering $100,000 to anyone who can prove him wrong on anything in his writing and, to date, he hasn’t had one taker!

I turn 78 in a few weeks and during that time I’ve sucked in a lot of firsthand and secondhand smoke and every year I have a complete physical and every year I pass with flying colors.

Go figure.