To The Editor:

Never in the history of America has an important law become legal by starting a bill in the U.S. Senate.

Starting a bill has always been in the House of Representatives, not Senate! The Obamacare was brilliantly and mistakenly started in the closet by Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi, who claimed the (false) bill must be passed immediately because we can then understand it, also which has never been done before. It was done so President Obama could get a fast start, not because it was legal.

So, it is now imperative we must do this bill over starting the bill in the House of Representatives as we always have done legally before now.

This so called illegal bill must by law be started in the House of Representatives to be legal!

A strong movement in this illegal bill has already been introduced for a remake. President Obama: Get ready for a bomb shell!

I understand several senators and representatives have reversed their viewpoint on this illegal bill. Probably because of re-election coming up.