To The Editor:

Am I the only constituent in senate district 26 who believes partying with an assault rifle is a strange way to raise campaign funds? Sen. Brian Nieves has long been known for his need to appear macho, his bullying of those who disagree with him and his obsession with issues that can only be described as looney. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that he loves, really loves, weapons.

I don’t have a problem with groups that need money raffling off hunting rifles. In fact, I belonged to a group that did that a few years ago. But what does a civilian need with an assault weapon? The purpose of such weapons is to kill as many people as possible in the shortest time frame. That kind of killing machine was used in a theater in Colorado and an elementary school in Connecticut, and Americans were horrified. It may be true that we have the “right” to own assault weapons, but would a sane person offer up one of these murderous devices as a prize and give it a place of honor?

Nieves’ raffle is being questioned because the state law covering raffles is pretty strict. But that misses the point. Who in their right mind would make a killing machine the guest of honor at a party?

I had serious reservations about writing this letter, but that’s exactly what bullies want – for us to be afraid of them.