To The Editor:

Once again, the city overstepped its bounds in an effort to control the lives of its citizens.

The ban on smoking in the city limits is yet another nail in the coffin of common sense that once was prevalent in our local leadership.

This misguided controlling legislation was introduced at the last possible minute and therefore had zero input from the community (not the city council, the people who elect the city council).

I guess voting on raising their own pay is of a greater priority to the council than getting public opinion on an issue that will cost local business owners.

How did this happen? Why did local business owners allow this?

Why are they not banding together against this example of tyrannical legislation? This city does not belong to the council; it belongs to us — the citizens, the business owners and people who spend money here.

If I were the owner of an affected business, I would be waging war against the council.

But alas, I am only a mere restaurant patron (and no, I’m not one of the ones whowill have to go outside). I think I’m going to get dessert before they outlaw that.

On a side note, the city counselor says we can’t vote but a councilman says it would cost $30,000....

Maybe they can all spend their new pay raises on learning how to be civil servants.