To The Editor:

To smoke, or not to smoke is not a question, it’s just something I do. If Prop B is passed, the price of tobacco could increase by at least $13 per carton. All these extra taxes and fees may force me to quit smoking, which is not really a freedom of choice.

I realize smoking is not a healthy habit, but who has the right to jack up the price and force me to quit? The increase in taxes and fees, how do I know some politician isn’t lining his pockets with the money. I’d like to see where it really goes!

A bad habit and/or addiction, I guess I just rationalize a lot. I lost count of how many times I swore I’d quit if the price of cigarettes increased again, $2, $5, is $6 to $7 a pack too much or will it go higher? I will vote “no” Nov. 6. When premium brands increase in price, generic brands increase in sales, so some people quit while some switch brands.

Bottom line, if I hadn’t started smoking in the first place, I wouldn’t really need to be concerned about any of this! To young people, tobacco and smoking, it’s not worth all the hassle down the road.

If you’re curious, or just starting, please don’t smoke at all!