To The Editor:

Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no federal income taxes. Predictably, such people have scant or no interest in whether taxes go up or down since they don’t pay any. Ironically also, many of these people would actually like to see taxes go up in the hope that such action might up their benefit checks.

The old adage has never been truer: “He governs best who governs least.” After a long-suffering 3 1/2 years of muddled, ineffective policies, or no policies at all — only slick empty rhetoric devoid of any real substance, our economy remains stagnant with official unemployment consistently about 8 percent (unofficially at least 11-12 percent) $5 trillion more national debt than before, no federal budget for the past 3 1/2 years and hemorrhaging federal deficits of over $1 trillion per year.

The House of Representatives has passed 28 major economic bills and sent them over to the Democrat-controlled Senate, only to have them blocked from Senate consideration and sat on by Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, whose state has one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates.

The loud and clear message behind the 2010 election results was that our people, as a whole, are increasingly alarmed with a government that is way too big, way too greedy for power, too much where it doesn’t belong — basically too much “we the government” rather than “we the people.”

In a nutshell, the liberals, instead of having the government live within its means, expect to spend as much as they like and or can get by with; and in their warped thinking, taxes should be raised to whatever level is necessary to balance and pay for their irresponsible fiscal insanity.

Barack Obama loves to be compared to Franklin Roosevelt. Sadly, while FDR was regarded as being highly intelligent, he was no student of economics. Consequently, he felt his way along, as best he could in his time with basically seat-of-his-pants socialist policy. Ultimately, when all of his attempts to revive a bad economy failed, he resorted to raising taxes on the rich.

Sound familiar?