To The Editor,

Washington School District:

Thanks to the Washington School District for recognizing the many contributions Coach Jim Scanlan made over his career to the school district, its staff, and students, by naming the sports complex in his honor.

Especially on the football field, I believe Coach Scanlan had a talent for bringing out the very best in individuals, and used that talent to motivate his players to do more than they thought they were capable of doing.

By teaching us teamwork, the benefits of hard work, and the spirit of never giving up … Blue Jay Pride … he instilled in us characteristics that allowed us to win a very special game in the fall of 1973, but more importantly, gave us these traits that we could carry with us into our adult lives.

So Washington School District, thanks, for recognizing a fabulous teacher, coach, leader, and individual. The ceremony at the basketball game last night was very nice and it was great seeing so many prior coaches and players in attendance. As you continue to build your team of teachers and coaches, please do your best to find and hire as many “Jim Scanlans” as you can! Go, Blue Jay Pride!

Dennis Brune

Class of 1974