To The Editor:

Leroy Nunn’s letter in the Wednesday, Dec. 4, Missourian concerning the possibility of an April bond issue was on target.

The St. Clair superintendent has not presented a very convincing case concerning “needs versus wants.” While infrastructure is necessary and must be maintained, it would be important to me, as a voter, for the superintendent to tie these proposed improvements to increased student mastery and academic achievement.

What can I, as a patron of the district, expect in terms of increased academic achievement as a result of these improvements?

The school board president, Mr. Berkel, made the statement that “As long as we stay trim and make sure our focus is the kids, I think the public would be for it.” This is too general for me to make a good judgment concerning the value of the investment.

I am hopeful that our board members will instruct the superintendent to provide these types of details prior to authorizing an election.