To The Editor:

In regard to the marriage of marijuana and schizophrenia, the evil weed and other illegal drugs have been linked to possible causes of a variety of mental illnesses. There is one aspect that plays a big part, let’s just play with the marijuana for now.

This is not the state of Washington or Colorado, here in Missouri the evil weed is still “illegal”! There is the old concept of knowing right from wrong. When some willfully choose to do wrong or something that is “illegal,” there are consequences to follow. How about paranoia? As long as someone is engaged in an activity that is “illegal,” there is always that umbrella of paranoia overhead. People are like sponges, they absorb from the environment they choose to dwell in. Hush hush, behind closed doors, leary of who you can trust, etc., the evil weed is still “illegal” and not socially accepted in society like alcohol.

Anyone living under the paranoia umbrella, over the course of time, long periods could have an effect on a person mentally. The longer the umbrella is up, it may very well lead to a variety of traits associated with mental illnesses.

Yes, I did smoke the evil weed a time or two, and personal experience can be a good tool. I chose to quit for a spell, and see if Missouri will jump on the legal bandwagon. If you or anyone else likes the evil weed, hold off and pursue it the legal way. With today’s social media, if you’re 18 or older and registered to vote or whatever; why not pursue some petitioning? There is strength in numbers, and less hassles if you push to have the weed legal!

This would be a test, there will always be pro and con issues, but if that paranoia umbrella is removed, what harm would it do to replace fear with a peace of mind, so to speak?

Marijuana, like alcohol and other drugs, there are those who can do it sparingly or as a means of recreation. Then there will always be those who may tend to lose control, and that leads to problems. It should be a personal choice, if you are one who may feel control may be a problem, beware of the consequences. Give the legal issue some thought, and see if some people ease up on paranoia, depression, etc.