To The Editor:

After reading the letters and articles on the “controversial property” all I can say is shame, shame on our elected officials!

First to claim Mr. Riegel voiced his opinion as a vendetta against his “ex” brother-in-law . . . really? I do believe he has the right to say how he feels. I didn’t see anywhere that he pointed fingers, just simply stated the facts.

What happened was wrong and as a taxpaying, voting Franklin County resident, I have to wonder what else is going on we don’t know about.

We have the right to attend meetings and to be heard. I also think we have the right to question. Now, getting a good answer . . . that may be a problem. If Mr. Riegel was so wrong why are they now putting this property up for bids?

I commend Mr. Riegel for taking a stand on this — it’s a shame anyone has to make statements about his character . . . he just made a comment, he didn’t open the door on this.

Maybe our officials should realize we the people put them in the office . . . we the people will question what they do.

Thank you for your time!