To The Editor:

To Dave Hinson,

State Representative District 119 —

Mr. Hinson, please allow me to correct your newsletter. I want to make this clear, perfectly clear, as in, “Crystal Clear” Sir, the four “F’s” stand for “faith”, “family,” “friends” and “freedom”!

First brought to life by the Apostle Paul while being persecuted by the Romans, these “priorities and principles” which were held in high esteem by our Founding Fathers, established the atmosphere for a few brave spiritual motivated patriots, who firmly believed that God gave man freedom. And by their faith, family, and friends were able to overthrow a king and a nation trying to remove through tyranny, those freedoms.

Their bold actions did accomplish creating a great nation, a shining beacon on the hill for all the world to see. Today however, we’ve managed to relinquish freedom after freedom to the point where we have a tyrannical, one-man government, that allows drones to kill Americans without charge, judge or jury. Oppresses religious freedoms and beliefs, employing taxation after taxation to provide unending support for itself (the government), and growing a two-party system which clearly has a one-position premise that socially oppresses the populace. Isn’t this why our Founders fought to be free?

This Fourth of July 2014, as not in the past, we guard our speech so to be politically correct. We hold the truth close to the vest so as not to offend those with different opinions, due to the fear of being persecuted for having a different opinion or beliefs.

Our polls are guarded to the point of censorship creating an atmosphere of non-participation, “my one vote doesn’t count anyway” attitude. Government does not give anyone the opportunity to succeed. Only the bold in spirit are free to challenge the selective government offices when they are picking the winners and losers.

As the Independence Day celebration comes to an end, I sit and wonder just how many truly realize what it means to be free as God intended for us to be. This is not a celebration of government, it is a celebration of liberty. Education as it is today stands far off the mark, what we used to demand from our institutions, so clearly most fall short of this knowledge base to understand faith, family, friends and freedom!