To The Editor:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our beloved leader, President Obama and all the other political yahoos hash out a plan of action to deal with immigration.

Where would our country be without immigrants? The post-war years flooded America from all corners of the Earth, immigrants pretty much built this country. These immigrants did it the legal way and became citizens, but were here to stay. Can we do the same with Mexico?

Yes, we have a lot of Americans out of work. How many of us are willing to roll up the sleeves, swallow the pride and do the work the illegals are doing? If they can find work, then there are jobs to be had.

If someone in Texas or California for example, has several acres of lettuce to pick, what is the farmer to do? Planting, maintenance, harvest, processing, packing, etc., without the labor the farmer stands to lose lots of money. We sit at home, or eat at a restaurant filling our bellies. Someone has to grow, and help supply the demand.

Do the Mexicans come in on temporary green cards to work, or do they need to become citizens and stay for good? Our world gets smaller and more populated, we need places to live, food on our plates, but who is going to do all the labor?

If all Americans out of work are not willing to do the work the illegals do, then we should stop bellyaching with all the bigot racial baloney!

Taxes applied to their pay could go toward their schooling and health care, etc. Our country grew and evolved by way of immigrants. Which one of us has the right to play God, or be judge and jury in regard to who can live and work here?

Not trying to beat a dead horse, but if the illegals can find work, so can all of our unemployed legal citizens.