To The Editor:

It is well known that our Ambassador Stevens, at his post at Benghazi, Libya, last fall, fully recognized the obvious vulnerability of our embassy there to attack because of his skimpy, virtually non-existent meaningful security. Several times he called higher up government officials for improved security but was rebuffed each time.

When the attack did come on the anniversary of 9/11, the ambassador and his small staff fought valiantly as best they could with what they had, but unfortunately it turned out to be their “Alamo.”

According to knowledgeable analysts, the attack and pillaging raged off and on for seven hours. Abundant U.S. forces were based in Italy and could easily have reached Benghazi within an hour, but reportedly the troops were ordered to stand down by some unnamed-as-yet government official.

Reportedly our government received real-time reports as to what was going on inside the embassy, but it appears at this stage as though there was a virtually complete leadership vacuum on the part of our government — as though the embassy and its staff were written off, since no attempt whatsoever was made to come to their rescue.

Mrs. Clinton belatedly came forward and claimed “full responsibility” after an oft-repeated cover-up story by our U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice went over like a lead balloon with the American public and doomed Rice’s chances to succeed Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state.

In view of all the circumstances, some would argue that a strong case for gross dereliction of duty on the part of both Mrs. Clinton and President Obama for utterly failing to adequately protect Ambassador Stevens and his staff could be made, but so far nothing along those lines has been forthcoming.

Mrs. Clinton’s defensive and dismissive high-handed hauteur displayed at her recent congressional hearing reeked of callous insensitivity and certainly did her no good or added anything positive to a bad situation.

History will probably not be kind to our government for its role, or default therein, in this ignominiously horrific slaughter of Ambassador Stevens and his staff on that awful day.

If Mrs. Clinton does decide to run for president in 2016, she will most assuredly do so with the Benghazi “albatross” around her neck.