To The Editor:

How dare the president help pass a law that elevates the U.S. standard of health care above Third World status. After all, it was only approved by the highest court in the land and explicitly approved by the voters, who re-elected him after a campaign largely run on the health care law.

This is the opinion of a minority and a segment of Congress who are not only willing to cause the whole country to be at a standstill, but also willing to bring the whole world to the brink of another depression.

The world is not only looking at us as a bunch of clowns, but is looking at democracy as that it may not be all it’s cracked up to be. When out of money because Congress will not pass a budget, we are forced to stop inspection of imported food and cancel clinical trials that are the last hope for sick children. The South China Morning Post of (Hong Kong) has commented, “the nauseating theater we are now seeing in Washington, D.C., has made me think twice.”

And it is scaring off people when it “shuts down not only libraries but even life-saving medical research.” Gabriel Guerra Castellanos of “El Universal” (Mexico) sees Washington, D.C., as the seat of a “banana republic.” Is this really the standard to which we hold ourselves?

The Republican-controlled statehouses have gerrymandered congressional districts so that it is all but impossible for a Democrat to gain a seat. Waleed Aly in Australia’s “The Age” states, “That is clear perversion of democracy” in observing our political wrangling.

Even India’s “Tehelka” observes that the United States should take a lesson from the rest of the world and change a system that now “dangerously risks shattering the world economy.”

Is this really the way we want the world to look at us? Don’t we want to be the country to be admired and respected any longer?

We not only flirt with the respect of the world but also have further endangered our economy by forcing our president to stay home and mediate the war in Congress instead of attending the Asia-Pacific summit. By forcing the president to stay home we have allowed the Chinese President Xi Jinping to seize the spotlight and allowed him to push for a massive free trade zone that will encompass China and 15 other nations, but conspicuously exclude the United States.

I am just one voter, but I will remember this outrage when I go to the polls, and I still believe in this country and the things for which it stands.

Thank you for having an avenue which allows me to vent my spleen.