To The Editor:

This past week The Missourian carried a letter from Anne Johnson.

I wonder if she implies that Bible-believing Christians are ignorant because they believe in creation instead of evolution? Does she believe that Darwin has more credibility than God?

Christians should have a decision in what their children are taught. I believe most want their children to have a good education. They also want truth taught. Evolution is a theory! Many choose private or religious schools, and many homeschool.

Thinking of a “good education” one would think federal judges would be well-educated. We often see the results of their knowledge. They overturn the votes of the people on their rulings. In Virginia in the last month, a federal judge overturned the vote against same-sex marriage. Her decision was based upon “we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal with unalienable rights!” This is not part of our Constitution.

How many intelligent people know the difference? Why did not one of her law clerks inform her?

Let’s not let the same thing happen here in Missouri.