To The Editor:

Dear Senator, Congressman, Republican or Democrat —

Questionnaires asking for money will never get the job done and Obama knows that! Down deep I believe you know that also. Our country is sitting on the edge of a canyon cliff waiting to fall into it, never to rise again.

Why did God Almighty who has the last word in running this country, allow the Marxists to have control? Why has He done that? It is all because of the monstrous idolatry and the love of money which is the root of all evil. Most true Bible-believing preachers all know that we stand on the brink of the end times to be judged.

Our forefathers knew all about this when they wrote the Constitution which we have now desecrated because of idolatry. Our day is coming fast! The same thing we are enduring now was endured by the Roman Empire in the first century. They also endured great evil from within. However, they were not yet near the end of times and the return of Christ. Read the “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” (a history book). Also read Chapter 1 of Proverbs about Marxism and the welfare state.

Most people in the United States who really know God as their Savior already know that, and are ready to be caught up in the air to get to heaven. The remainder of people, the unbelievers, will be committed to you know where! Now this country is getting ready to meet God and to be judged.

Remember! God left us around 1946 and we have not won a war since. All of our efforts to maintain peace in this world have failed! Then we installed a false leader who also has failed, the United Nations, which will get us nowhere either.

Today our White House (the people’s home is full of Marxists) thinking they have landed in heaven. That is not a reality.

A big return of our citizens to repentance in God would turn everything around. Also, up to now we do not have the love of God to do that.

Do you understand this radical change in our country? But the change we mention about God will never happen as long as Obama is in charge!

Today our chances of dodging Marxism is not likely to happen, so here we come Mr. Putin, our good old buddy??!

P.S. God has never left His truly Christian people!