To The Editor:

I have been observing with interest from the president down the conversion of coal-fired plants to cleaner burning fuel. Once again there will be a cost increase to the people.

All seem to be in agreement for protection of the environment for cleaner air and the health of the people, it is apparent to many of us there is always a cost involved to us. The only way I would approve a project like this, it should have stipulations included; one reason is because as we clean the air here, no one talks about more American coal sold to other countries than we use here.

I suggest with completion of two programs here in America, we build two more systems. First, one is solar energy, the other is windpowered energy. Build these and when they are operating to the peak, the power grid of today, as they come on line, then close the coal-fired plants. Would it still be necessary to change the coal-fired systems?

This could prove more beneficial, with wind and solar energy could eliminate the possible poisoning of America’s waterways throughout this country, such as the proposal of the poison pit in Labadie Bottoms. Again a little foresight is much better than any hindsight. Successful completion of these programs might be better for the energy companies, America and the American people.

If this was approved and built in America, it would create more jobs, and, as always, built in America is done with American quality and pride.