To The Editor:

Oh, Oh! Former Republican Senator Kit Bond has become a lobbyist for Medicaid Expansion. Is he now a liberal? No. He just sees reality. He is being paid by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce. What happened to them? They are able to see reality. They see: 1. Creation of 24,000 jobs in Missouri, 2. Potential closing of two dozen rural hospitals due to federal transfer of $700,000,000 from their support to Medicaid expansion, 3. Saving lives.

These may be part of “Obama Care”, but they are important to the future of Missourians.

These are joined by another realist, the Missouri Hospital Association. Do they support expansion to enrich themselves? No. They actually tried in 2008 to donate $56M to the state to return Medicaid coverage to the kids removed by the legislature and Gov. Blunt.

Unfortunately, our legislature refused to let Gov. Nixon accept the generous gift. Meanwhile, even with federal dollars to serve the poor in emergency rooms now , we see one county in the state where 14 of every 100 babies die due the lack of care. And that is not unique, just the worst.

Hopefully our legislators will listen to Sen. Bond.

Martin Walsh