To The Editor:

Finding myself unemployed wasn’t in the game plan. Having to use a computer to apply for work, at first, was the dumbest thing next to a pet rock!

Knowing I was in an ever-changing world, even the reason why the online applying was necessary is clear, just locked away, never thought it would apply to me.

This is probably old news, employers have to have a very valid reason for selecting an employee, an application, or resume. The old EOE (Equal Opportunity Employer) is now the EOC (Equal Opportunity Commission), if I got that right. It doesn’t stop at race, creed, or color any more, levels of discrimination cover a lot more ground now! And with “9-11,” and terrorism, background checks may go a lot deeper, especially if an employer has any government contracts.

Having to learn computers email, and all that, by way of our local library and the nice ladies working there, I’ve learned quite a lot! Even if it was a different librarian each day, they kindly tolerated my, “What’s this?,” “What now?” “How do I create an email address?” it went on and on! Our Missouri Career Center which handles people filing for unemployment, and finding work too, they have a computer workshop that covered a lot of basic training.

Washington Library, a five-minute walk versus Missouri Career Center, a 20-25-minute walk, I had to lean on the library obviously! Making great progress with computers, I had to use the copy machine and couldn’t find the “on” button! Once again, a librarian came to my aid. Not something I need to repeat often, but I may never tell a “blonde” joke ever again! I am a male, but a blonde as well!