To The Editor:

In this weekend’s editorial of Dec. 15-16, the lead editorial asks, “What’s Ahead for Whites?”

Then on the opposite page in the lower right-hand corner is a small reader opinion piece who is still stressing about our president’s citizenship.

In the past election, a survey result showed that two-thirds of Republicans surveyed believed the president was not born here or they weren’t sure of his citizenship, which is to say that only one in five can claim any level of being a rational and informed party constituent.

The editor seems to be assessing Census Bureau facts until he points out how Republicans need to reach out to Hispanics. I couldn’t help think the editorial was more about white whining and hand wringing and being victims of injustice because we now have to share society’s wealth.

However, here we are still dwelling on our president’s legitimacy. In a society that will be half people of color within 30 years, it seems imperative that we work across racial, ethnic and party lines.

We should engage in conversations about entitlement, and who has what and why and get over the head count.

I realize our locally elected representatives, Republicans in good standing, will balk at these engagements.

But when 1 percent of this nation has half of the wealth and the working class who helped them is getting less, we should not have to read or listen to head counts or birthrights for one more minute.