To The Editor:

The utility companies, both electric and gas, are in the process of switching the meters on our homes to a new smart meter.

These smart meters emit radiation that can cause health problems to people and animals. They also will substantially increase our utility bills.

These smart meters contain a chip which will enable the utility company to shut down, reduce or ration your power and will eventually require you to buy all new appliances compatible with the chips. It’s worth noting that they are not talking about this, they’re just doing it without our knowledge or consent.

The Obama administration was not able to push “cap and trade” on us so this is a backdoor way of raising our utility costs. Tape a note on your meter that you do not want a smart meter installed on your property. If you already have one, tell your utility to remove it.

You will be sorry if you allow them to get by with this. It’s another way big government wants to control our lives without any regard for us and impose new taxes without us realizing it.

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