To The Editor:

I think I speak for the most part for everyone in St. Clair, regarding the injustice we all feel was served with the lack of punishment given to Eric Hinson, the former fire chief of St. Clair.

Public opinion is that the politicians and police officers are part of the “good old boys club.”

Now it appears that fire department officers are also privy to the club.

The court could have restored our faith in our justice system but we were let down again by the “system.” A lot of people have the same opinion as mine that he got off too easy.

The government just doesn’t hear our screams of injustice, then wonder why public opinion of the “system” is so low.

We all know the system isn’t perfect but even a blind man can see in this case that justice was not served — more like it was forced down our throats.

I am still choking.