To The Editor:

When I was a child, we went to our local fair as a family to see all of the various exhibits and local talent shows. We took the time to wander through each area, marveling at everything from livestock to quilts and more as we visited with friends and neighbors.

We watched the horse races, tractor pull, dancing, and other events as music floated through the air. Admission was free, but tickets were available for purchase for midway rides and games. The tantalizing smell from food vendors drew people to large tents, but people also brought their own picnic items. It was an event that everybody in the community could enjoy regardless of their financial situation, even though some people couldn’t afford the midway attractions.

While the Washington Fair has an impressive number of attendees, it is geared toward the more affluent.

The admission price prohibits many, many local people from attending, although many other people come from miles around for the expensive big-name concerts. Instead, why not simply charge a concert fee for those who want to attend the concert?

Make admission either free or nominal so that more local residents can enjoy a community event — and maybe even be able to afford to spend some money with the vendors.

Remember, financial gain is not the only benefit of a community event. It can also bind people of all walks of life in a community together, helping to make it stronger and better.

Jayne Taylor

St. Clair