To The Editor:

Think about it! When ice and snow are forecast, the cities work around the clock to make highways as safe as possible. Air flights are canceled; schools are closed; people stock up on necessities ­— all in the name of safety.

Precautions are taken and evacuations ordered to keep people safe during tornados, hurricanes, flooding, fires, and look at the years and money spent to prevent disasters at the Olympics and the upcoming Super Bowl.

And yet, we see our country, and our freedoms and our American way of life being threatened, big time! What do we do, we worry, we pray, we complain. What can we do, we are advised to contact our congressmen/women. When we do, what results do we get? I got a birthday card six months early from one. We are advised to vote, who do we vote for? If we have to vote for a toothache or an earache, all we can do is try to vote for the one that hurts us the least.

Do you feel like we are like “sitting ducks” just waiting for? Accountability is void. No consequences follow improper words, improper actions, no actions at all, illegal greed, immorality, etc.

Failure to teach our children from the moment they are born that there is a right and a wrong way to act does bring consequences; one consequence we do have to deal with is when children from birth are not taught right from wrong and the consequences are lack of respect for people, laws, other people’s property; bad choices to use things that harm their bodies and minds and a waste of their lives and hurt to their loved ones.

Why doesn’t someone/organization have the power to correct the mistakes that are destroying the United States of America? Our military troops are putting their lives at great danger to protect the United States and here at home things are deteriorating with little attempt to stop it.

We can pray and hope — hope that somehow the citizens can find a way to stand up for our rights.

Concerned Citizen


Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.