To The Editor:

Passing by Krog Park, I saw a young person taking pictures of the tulips decorating the Korean War Memorial. Obviously, the tulips caught the eyes, not the memorial. An inscription on the memorial reads, “The Forgotten War” Lest We Forget. June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. I wasn’t born, until 1956. In school I recall studies of World War I and World War II, not a whole lot about the Korean War.

The Vietnam War era, for those who survived and returned home, I don’t recall them getting their deserved respect. No parades, fanfare, or “Welcome Home Heroes” banners. I heard “baby killers” and much more!

Many years have gone by and it seems times have changed. Our men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, alive, wounded, or deceased, are called “Heroes!” I have no problem with that! If they serve, they deserve, that’s the way I look at it. Here at home, or on the sidelines, so to speak, we never fully understand what they have had to endure

What happens if our government and military do take action against North Korea? I doubt this time “The Forgotten War” will be inscribed on their memorial! Guess we just hope and pray it never has to happen at all!

Doug Rich