To The Editor:

Advocates are lauding the passage of right-to-work legislation in Michigan as “a turning point for economic health.”

Good luck with that.

The fact is that states with right-to-work laws, wages are lower. And there are today 24 right-to-work states.

The rise of unions tracks perfectly with the rise of a prosperous middle class and their decline tracks just as perfectly with middle class losses.

Low prices achieved via subsistence wages create a majority with less buying power, even with those lower prices. Neither our consumer economy nor the majority’s standard of living can improve under the right-to-work model.

The Missouri General Assembly wants to pass a right-to-work law except Gov. Jay Nixon would veto it, and the General Assembly does not have enough votes to overturn the veto.

Maybe the reason the right-to-work states want to bring unions to their knees is because businesses will have cheaper labor?

Corporations have moved out of Kansas City, Mo., to Kansas because of cheaper labor and other incentives, and Missouri wants to stop that happening. But, it’s long past time for the 98 percent to stop buying into discredited polices that have never delivered the promised results.

Workers need wages whereby they can support a family and educate their children. The working family has been pushed into the need for both adults to work, and now right-to-work states workers have less benefits and lower wages.

We need to learn something from the example of Charlie Brown, Lucy and her football.