To The Editor:

It was with great sadness I read in an email from the Missouri Association of School Librarians of the death of the library at St. Francis Borgia Regional High School. The books/collection are being sold and the library closed.

There is a common belief that in our modern world, all knowledge is available through the computer and such “old-fashioned” resources as a library no longer needed. Much of the information found online is unreliable, undocumented and often false. The need for a library professional to aid students, faculty, and staff to seek out knowledge and information will not be filled through a search engine.

SFB has a long tradition of dedicated and knowledgeable librarians who supported generations of students in both their research and leisure reading. Martha DeGreeff, Jenny Marquart and Margaret Holtmeier, to name a few, I admired and worked to support in the public library.

I hope SFBRHS gives students access to scholarly databasas, but I am comforted by the knowledge that those students have an excellent public library to support them in their search for information to support their studies.