To The Editor:

Recently the School District of Washington’s board approved to start a Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Program at Washington High School. The school board needs to be applauded for moving forward and initiating this program. I truly hope the community of Washington gets behind this program and gives it their full support. It is a great program.

This program will promote patriotism, develop young people’s leadership potential, promote high school completion, promote higher education, promote community service, and help develop a young man or young woman’s personal honor and self-discipline.

It is not a program of “brainwashing” young people to be gung ho sailors. It is about developing informed and responsible citizens. Approximately 60 percent of the NJROTC cadets pursue higher education. Part of the program is ACT/SAT preparation. NJROTC is without a doubt character education. Along with the self-discipline aspect, it promotes living a healthy lifestyle.

While the training the NJROTC program provides is along the military lines, it encourages individual initiative, responsibility, personal integrity, loyalty, teamwork and dedication. These are values our society greatly needs in today’s world.

I can’t think of anything negative about this new program. It is definitely a “win-win” for our school, the community, and most of all the students. I hope the students get involved with NJROTC. I wish Washington High School and the U. S. Navy good luck and much success with the program for next year.