To The Editor:

I’d like to call attention to the Fair committee and the general public one huge problem with the Washington Town and Country Fair — the noise level!

The music would sound so much better and people would enjoy it just as much if not more if the volume was not so high. If the crowd wasn’t in fear of their hearing being permanently damaged, they should be. The bands (the headliners and the beverage tent and teen tent) should be contractually obligated to perform at a reasonable and safe volume level.

It might require an official with a decibel meter to monitor. The bands certainly don’t seem to have any regard for their audiences’ hearing.

I am sure that anyone within eyesight of the headliner, far, far away or the beverage tent band had to shout in order to attempt to communicate.

I felt sorry for the young families trying to make their way through the crowd with their children in the mayhem of that pervasive, obnoxious noise level. I shuddered at the thought that someone might have their child anywhere near one of those bands.

Additionally it’s cruel to subject the captive livestock to that loud music. The livestock barn used to be a peaceful place.

Just as the Fair committee does all it can to ensure a good time and safety of the crowd, they also need to be mindful of this aspect of the crowd’s well-being. It’s an easy fix — turn down the volume.