To The Editor:

In reviewing test results of groundwater near Ameren Missouri’s Labadie Energy Center, there is a place for the discussion and understanding of facts.

There is, however, no room for blatant misrepresentation of facts.

Unfortunately, such is the case in a recent guest commentary by the Labadie Environmental Organization. For example, the letter’s author simply ignores the reason for the location of several groundwater monitoring wells.

The fact is that in filing a lawsuit challenging a landfill ordinance recently enacted by Franklin County, LEO and its members contend they “fear” drinking wells in the area may be contaminated.

Accordingly, we installed monitoring wells in areas closest to residential drinking wells. Building a safe disposal facility for coal ash from our Labadie facility is an important and urgent need as we continue to provide safe, reliable and affordable energy for our customers.

This is one of the reasons why we contracted with a highly respected, independent engineering firm to install wells and monitor the groundwater.

The tests clearly showed the groundwater near drinking wells is not contaminated. In fact, levels of boron, the element in coal ash most likely to leach into groundwater, are below limits where they can be detected and fully comply with drinking water standards.

Our new proposed landfill, pending approval by state and local regulators, would store the ash dry in cells and fully protect the environment through a comprehensive series of liners and leachate collection systems.

We all benefit when we clearly understand the difference between facts and misinformation in this discussion.