To The Editor:

An open letter to: Rep. Paul Curtman, Rep. Dave Hinson and anyone else backing Bill 170 —

Who are you people to put law enforcement officers at risk with House Bill 170?

You, as lawmakers, are supposed to keep people safe.

It seems to me this action would put law enforcement at huge risk.

If you don’t like a law, then go to court and get it changed.

It seems to me that by putting law enforcement people in a situation where they have to decide which laws they are to enforce and which ones not to so they don’t get charged with a felony is beyond ludicrous. They could get killed while trying to decide where they stand on a given law.

Law enforcement officers are already at a great risk from unknown dangers all day every day and now you smart lawmakers want to charge them with a felony for doing their job?

Think about it. How stupid is that?

Grow up and accept the fact that some people are for trying to protect people. I know any law passed under the Obama presidency is killing you, no matter what it is for, but don’t put innocent law enforcement at risk.

Go to court and change the law.

I’m totally disgusted with Republicans today.